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October 2nd, 2017

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Adult, Child and Medical Professional Psychiatry Mindfulness

At The Mindfulness Centre Dr. Treyvaud offers his expertise in mindfulness to the development of treatment programs for children with chronic pain.

The Mindfulness Centre


Applying for Disability: Jon Rodis & Kathleen Kane

FLAGGING your number with 911

If you have suffered a serious life threatening event related to your complex and/or rare disease it may be time for you to FLAG your phone number.

FLAGGING your number with 911 means different things in different areas. In some areas, it means that anyone in your home can dial 911 and pertinent information will be displayed and relayed to the paramedics. An ambulance will be dispatched the moment the call is made. This means anyone can dial 911 from our home number and there is no need to say anything.

The following PDF form provides more details on this useful service.

Government Resources


Health Care Connect helps individuals secure a family physician based on the individual need.

Eligible medical and travel expenses

For families of children with rare diseases, information on claiming all the medical costs listed on tax returns, plus claims for associated travel (accommodation, transportation and meals) expenses incurred when obtaining medical care? Information on what can be claimed and how to claim is at the following websites of the Canadian Revenue Agency:Eligible medical expenses:

Need a Doctor

Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) Support

Reducing pain at the time of vaccination

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