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The ILC Charitable Foundation mission is to Improve the Life of Children that are suffering with chronic pain disease. Our inspiration and ambassador is Brooklyn Mills and Canadian children and adolescents like her.

Rebecca and Kris Mills had just come through a very challenging period of two years with their daughter Brooklyn.

In September 2009, Brooklyn was a very happy high school student actively involved in competitive cheerleading, performing back handsprings and flips. In October 2009, she woke up with a severe pain in her lower back. For several months following Brooklyn saw countless doctors and specialists, was hospitalized several times, and finally diagnosed with a genetic connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). Brooklyn’s condition steadily deteriorated to the point where she could no longer walk. After an exhaustive and unsuccessful search for treatment here in Canada, and as a last resort, Brooklyn’s parents, under the advice of her paediatrician, Dr. Anna Banerji, took her to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Brooklyn spent more than 4 weeks in an intensive program that gave her the ability to walk again and returned her to school.

Although Brooklyn still lives with pain daily, the Mayo Clinic program taught her the skills and provided the necessary tools to live her life despite pain. At home in Canada, Brooklyn self manages her health with all that she learned at Mayo and loving support from family, friends and the community.

“I think back when we were in our darkest days, and recall the feelings of isolation and helplessness, we prayed for someone to emerge with answers and guidance. We promised that if we ever found our way out, we would do everything we could to make sure another child and family would not need to suffer through what we did.” Kris Mills

The ILC Two Year Plan and Accomplishments:

  • The ILC is working with its Medical Advisory Board and Canadian health experts, with knowledge transfer at the core value, to develop (template-able) programs, including a 21-Day+ Program of a cohesive integrated multidisciplinary approach to wellness and rehabilitation to support pediatric population to reintegrate and live life well despite pain.  ILC will continue to work with Canadian health experts to organize and run a Pilot of the 21-Day+ Rehabilitation and Wellness Program at a secured location in partnership with one of Ontario’s teaching hospitals; and secure temporary residence for up to 16 adolescents and their parents during their program stay.
  • Provide Canada’s first parent-to-parent and peer-to-peer Pediatric Chronic Pain support network.
  • Conduct a national survey of medical and allied health professionals with a view to developing a comprehensive on-line pediatric chronic pain resource directory, specific to supporting and advocating for families with children suffering with chronic pain disease and the medical professionals that work to provide necessary support for their diagnosis, treatment and care.

Healing and the Mind Body Connection

21-Days to change a pattern – Brain circuits – “engrams” or memory traces – to produce neuropathways work only if they are bombarded for 21-Days in a row.

A Pediatric Chronic Care Model of Excellence

A visiting Canadian physician to the Mayo Clinic in 1906 wrote:

“Specialization and cooperation, with the best that can be had in each department, is here the motto. Cannot these principles be tried elsewhere?”

PMID: 21037395 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

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