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Raising awareness about chronic pain, challenges that relate to access to healthcare for pain management, social functioning, missed education, isolation and depression, is of paramount importance.

David’s Story

David and his trusted side-kick Marla (a companion dog he has trained from a pup to help keep him mobile and safe when venturing out into public) like to brighten up the day of those around them, from fellow patients to friends and acquaintances in the community. It is their way of keeping a positive […]

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Part 4: Accepting the Reality of Chronic Pain

Author: Martie Whitaker MA De-Toxing off the Oxycontin There came a time, however, when Dr. Jovey wanted to prepare for his retirement.  That meant finding new physicians to take over his caseload.  But no one wanted to take my case.  My dose of Oxycontin was too high (160 mg x 3 times daily).  I had […]

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Doctors’ Notes: Stopping opioid use completely will only cause more problems

Author: Dr. Peter Selby Canadians have one of the highest rates of prescription opioid use in the world – five times higher than in the U.K., for example. This is a tragedy because we don’t do any better at reducing chronic pain – just at creating addiction and an epidemic of overdose death. Many […]

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Part 3: Accepting the Reality of Chronic Pain

Author: Martie Whitaker MA Becoming An Advocate The Chronic Pain program ended and I returned to Dr. Thompson’s care.  She is a relentless advocate of effective pain management and I soon became involved in advocacy work with her, appearing with David Suzuki on The Nature of Things, in many newspapers, local news programs, The Fifth […]

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Part 2: Accepting the Reality of Chronic Pain

Author: Martie Whitaker MA At The Rehab Hospital About this time, I learned that the rehabilitation hospital in my city had a Chronic Pain program.  During my first consultation with the director of the program, I was told that in order to qualify for the program, I had to stop looking for cures and accept […]

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Part 1: Accepting the Reality of Chronic Pain

Author: Martie Whitaker MA The Fall I’ve learned that one’s life can change in a second.  I’ve also learned that accepting the change, no mater how dramatic it might be, takes a lot longer. I had a terrible fall waterskiing in August 1998.  My chiropractor compounded the problem by adjusting my fractured spine in one […]

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Nicoleta’s Story

Author: Nicoleta Woinarosky Every night I wake up about every 2 hrs, I need to get up walk around and exercise a bit to prevent phlebitis (pooling blood), multiple dislocations, and control restless leg and arm syndrome at times violent (involuntary movements due to neurological disorder). When I rest during the day (I need to […]

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Brent’s Story

Author: Billie Jo Bogden For Remembrance Day today, at 11:11 am this morning I sat down at Tim’s with friend of mine who served for the Royal Canadian Armed Forces in both Bosnia and Somalia.  We originally met in 2012 while I was being titrated off the strong opioids that were used to control my […]

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Welcome to the Patient Voice community

September 27th, 2017

Patient Voice

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Please tell us your story and join the patient voice movement! Click Here to send us your patient story. The ILC Chronic Pain Division is proud to announce the launch of a new online Patient Voice portal that will give voice to thousands of patients whose lives are affected by current policy discussions and consultations.  It provides […]

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Finding the Silver Lining in Life With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Author: Delaney Olsen My most recent struggle has been the diagnosis of neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome, a rare nerve disorder commonly found in us zebras. When I was younger, I joined a swim team after learning it would help my joint pain, and have continued until just recently. Unfortunately, last year I started having severe […]

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